Gifts for the Mac and Cheese Lover in your Life

The holiday season is in full swing, and you need to get a few last minute gifts for the mac and cheese lover in your life. While mac and cheese is always the ideal option, it doesn’t always travel well, and you never know if they’ve already had mac and cheese before you see them. Never fear, I’m here with the best gifts for Christmas or any time you need to celebrate.

Note: This article contains affiliate links to products that I love and use to make mac and cheese in my own kitchen. When you click links here and make a purchase, I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. For more information, see my Affiliate Link Policy here.

Kraft Funko Plush

My constant companion on many mac and cheese adventures, this plush is the perfect snuggle buddy on cold winter nights. Unlike your typical winter night companions, he won’t side eye you as you partake in a third helping of mac and cheese. This toy easily sits upright and is content to sit on your desk while you work.

Plastic statues more your style? Don’t worry, it comes in the standard figurine as well.

Geedel Rotary Cheese Grater

This is a new tool in my mac and cheese kitchen, and something I can’t believe I ever lived without. We all know the importance of grating our cheese fresh, and it’s the step I dread most while making mac and cheese. This device takes all of the time consuming work and condenses it all down into the turn of a crank.

Squishable Mac and Cheese Plush

The softer cousin of the Kraft plush above, this gift is the bowl of comfort food you snuggle up with waiting for Santa to make his appearance.

A Crate of Kraft Mac and Cheese

Who could possibly say no to 15 boxes of one of the best mac and cheeses on the shelf. Make sure they know how to improve the recipe on the box.

One of the best cookbooks on the market, this book will teach you how to step up your mac and cheese game.