FAQ and Cheese

Mac and cheese – the world’s best food. It’s the perfect bowl of comfort ready for a cold winter night or easy to dress up for a summer picnic. It’s diversity lends it to being served every day without growing tedious. Knowing how to use the variety of cheeses and toppings available will open you up to a whole new universe of cheesy prowess.

After more than a decade of honing the cheesy craft, I’m here to impart all of my wisdom to you. Within these pages is a veritable wealth of information to help you create the perfect mac and cheese. You will impress your particular mother in law, nosy coworkers, or score yourself that promotion everyone in the office is gunning for. Never again will you have to suffer through so-so mac and cheese. The world is your oyster and we’re going to unlock it with beautiful cheesy pasta.

We’re going to talk about which tools you need to make the perfect bowl of mac and cheese. I’ll teach you my mac and cheese theory: a guide on how to combine any cheese into a delicious mac and cheese. Finishing this guide up with a break down of all of the best toppings and how to use them to make the best bowl of pasta you’ve ever had.

Never more will you be limited to restaurants to get your mac and cheese fix. You’re going to make everything you’ve ever dreamed of and I’ll be there every step of the way.