2023 Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar

2023 Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you know what that means – time for unwrapping the 2023 Aldi cheese advent calendar. Every year Aldi releases an advent calendar packed with 12 different European cheeses perfect for exploring. This year’s calendar includes old favorites like extra mature cheddar and some new friends that I can’t wait to explore.

Each day contains enough cheese to make one single serving of mac and cheese. I will be posting my recipes each day on Instagram with full size recipes here. We’ll be exploring different cheeses, pasta shapes, and toppings that all balance together beautifully and can be recombined for mac and cheese recipes sure to impress.

Day 1: Extra Mature Cheddar

Day 2: Black Pepper Gouda

Day 3: Smoky Cheddar

Day 4: Spiced Apple Cheddar

Day 5: Aged Gouda

Day 6: Cheddar with Whiskey

Day 7: Cheddar with Port Wine

Day 8: Goat Cheese

Day 9: Black Truffle Cheddar

Day 10: Mustard Gouda

Day 11: Sweet English Cheddar

Day 12: Spiced Apple Cheddar

Day 13: Mustard Gouda

Day 14: Mimolette

Day 15: Cheddar with Whiskey

Day 16: Smoky Cheddar

Day 17: Black Pepper Gouda

Day 18: Cheddar with Port Wine

Day 19: Extra Mature Cheddar

Day 20: Sweet English Cheddar

Day 21: Mimolette

Day 22: Aged Gouda

Day 23: Goat Cheese

Day 24: Black Truffle Cheddar