Rotary Cheese Grater

You Need a Rotary Cheese Grater

Mac and Cheese is obviously a staple in my home, and this means I’m grating a ton of cheese. This task is unequivocally my least favorite part of cooking. It’s time consuming, my arm gets tired, it’s something that requires a majority of my attention, and it’s something I can’t convince anyone else to take over so I can manage the other cooking tasks. I either have to remember to do it beforehand or completely stop cooking in order to get the cheese ready to go. Let me introduce you to the newest love of my life, my rotary cheese grater.

When cooking with cheese it’s important to avoid buying pre-grated cheese. Manufacturers include anti-caking agents to keep the cheese from sticking together on store shelves and in your fridge. Awesome when you’re buying cheese. Not so awesome when you want it to melt together into a creamy cheese sauce.

Armed with this knowledge, I always buy solid blocks of cheese. Bonus points that you can slice it up for a charcuterie board, increasing the usefulness of your cheese purchase. Plus, cheeses that come in solid blocks tend to be more fun. Pre-grated cheese tends to come in a limited variety when compared to what you can find in the specialty cheese section.

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This product has changed my life. I’m able to knock out an entire block of cheese in a few minutes. It has so many protections that no matter how many distractions I have, it’s impossible for me to catch my fingers in a moment of inattention. Grated cheese freezes better than whole cheese, so if we have leftover cheese I’m grating the last little bit with my rotary cheese grater and tossing it into the freezer for using in the future.

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