Review: Devour White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Review: Devour White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Frozen mac and cheese tends to either be delicious or terrible. Sometimes it’s a bust and you are left with a disappointing meal. Other times you find an absolute gem. The white cheddar with bacon mac and cheese from Devour is one of my favorite recent frozen mac and cheese finds. I was a little skeptical when I picked it up. After several busts with frozen mac and cheese varieties, I’m more than a little gun-shy. However this mac and cheese more than made up for previous bad experiences.

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Depending on where you pick it up one bowl will set you back around $4 and is enough for one person to have for lunch or two people to share as a side. This mac and cheese is prepared completely in the microwave, making it a perfect option to keep on hand at the office. Bonus points: it cooks up in a little more than 5 minutes and you’ll have a cozy meal with little effort.

The addition of bacon in prepared pasta is a risky choice. Bacon adds a lot to mac and cheese, but when the flavors are stored together for a long period of time – such as in a freezer – the bacon flavor tends to permeate throughout the dish and overpower every other flavor. However, this is not an issue in Devour’s white cheddar mac and cheese. Not only that, but pasta companies tend to err on the side of tiny bacon bits that float throughout the dish. While the bacon was plentiful, there were rough cut pieces of bacon throughout the bowl. You could easily pick it out each individual bacon piece if you felt so inclined. It felt more like an addition than a homogenous part of the sauce.

Speaking of sauce, the creamy white cheddar sauce in this mac and cheese is spectacular. Without much work you could convince me you made it fresh. It’s that good and compliments the bacon well.

Devour took another unexpected route and used Gemelli pasta – fun twisty spirals with plenty of ridges to capture the sauce so every bite is full of flavor. I can’t think of a recent pasta dish that I’ve had that used these noodles and they were such a great addition.