Old Chicago Mac and Cheese

Old Chicago Mac and Cheese

One of our favorite lazy day treat yourself meals is Old Chicago Mac and Cheese. With a wide variety of selections to choose from, no two bowls of mac and cheese are the same. Even when Alvaro and I order together, we have two vastly different dishes that compliment our individual tastes well.

I lean toward the aged white cheddar sauce which is a bold flavored sauce that compliments my topping choices nicely. Much like my beloved stovetop mac and cheese, I like to top mine with green onions. The addition of fried onion strings and applewood smoked chicken balance out the bowl with a variety of textures and flavors that really suit the dish. Fried onion strings are something I wouldn’t usually choose to make at home but they’re a delight.

I do love to add the cajun spice or roasted garlic. These choices tend to overpower any others though, so you don’t want to mix them. They are beautiful choices, but best suited on their own.

Alvaro, on the other hand, always goes for the rich golden beer cheese sauce with peppered bacon, chopped fresh basil, and crispy onions. It gives him everything he wants from a flavor and texture standpoint. The bacon adds a smokiness and fatty taste, the onions add texture ad a break in the flavors that enhance it and the basil mellows it all out to blend together.

They have so many wonderful offerings, but the Old Chicago Mac and Cheese is hands down my favorite dish there. It’s hard to pass up being able to try toppings in my mac and cheese that would be too difficult or costly to make on a small enough scale to use as a mac and cheese topping in my own home. They are a wonderful choice for a lazy day or any time.