Qdoba Mac & Queso Hack

Qdoba Mac & Queso Hack
Qdoba Mac & Queso Hack

In the winter of 2021 Qdoba offered mac and cheese to a limited market, but unfortunately my area was not part of the test run. They never added it to my menu, and it looks like it’s been pulled as an option in other markets as well. However, this Qdoba Mac & Queso hack means you can get your fix even if it isn’t available any longer. As an added bonus, this takes almost zero effort. 

When you order nachos from Qdoba, it comes packaged perfectly for hacking into mac and cheese. In order to prevent soggy chips, they package your choice of queso and toppings in a to go container separate from the chips. 

The best part about this hack is that is completely customizable. Everything from the spiciness level of the queso, meat, vegetables, and other ingredients can be adjusted. You can even have them give you half 3 cheese queso and half queso diablo to tone down the spice a bit. Use the app to customize it to how you’re feeling today.

The perfect mac and cheese noodle sits in a happy spot between too large and too small. If your noodle size is too large, your dish will be cumbersome and difficult to eat. Nobody wants to eat food that is more effort than it’s worth. On the other hand, if your pasta is too small you lose valuable texture benefits and run the risk of your pasta becoming a soupy mess. 

Cook 8 oz of medium pasta according to package instructions in well-salted water. This is half of a standard package you can grab at the grocery store. Qdoba’s Mac & Queso was made with cavatappi, so I kept with that theme. This is enough for two servings of pasta. If you’re planning to serve more, get two orders of nachos. 

If you’re tight on time or just don’t have the energy to make pasta, Barilla offers ready pasta to keep in your pantry for pasta related emergencies. One package should be enough pasta to carry your queso. 

There are some downsides to this Qdoba Mac & Queso. Due to how you receive your takeout order, you have to stir your toppings into the dish, avoiding the layers of toppings and pasta that add interest to your dish. Additionally, you have to wait until you get home to eat your dinner. Snacking on the way home isn’t really feasible.

Worried about what to do with the chips that came with your queso? Just use them for a 3 am snack straight out of the fridge or to make chilaquiles for breakfast tomorrow morning. We don’t waste food around here.

This Qdoba Mac & Queso hack is an easy way to get a cheesy fix. It’s perfect for an easy dinner night at home.