Beecher’s World’s Best Frozen Mac and Cheese Review

Sometimes, you need delicious mac and cheese with little effort, and Beecher’s World’s Best is my favorite way to make that happen. A quick search for frozen mac and cheese at my local grocery store gives you over 50 different possibilities. I’ve tried several of them, and some of them are worth your money, some are terrible, and some are just okay. My favorite is this offering from Beecher’s. It’s stocked in many grocery stores, requires no attention while cooking, and is fantastic. I would gladly serve this to guests with zero qualms.


The pasta vehicle in this mac and cheese is penne. I love medium sized pasta in mac and cheese dishes. The right pasta choice has a ton of surface area to hold onto sauce, while not being too cumbersome to eat. Long thin pasta is great at gripping sauce, but is a challenge to eat, and elbow pasta lends to gritter sauce texture. Penne is a great balance and perfect pasta to highlight the sauce.

Additionally, the pasta in frozen mac and cheeses can be a little too soft. Maintaining pasta texture is a challenge for food manufacturers due to the nature of the product. Pasta and sauce have to sit together until the consumer is ready to eat it, giving the pasta plenty of time to absorb extra liquid and destroy the texture. However, the pasta in Beecher’s World’s Best Frozen Mac and cheese is a perfect texture. Part of it is thanks to the baking process that slightly dries the pasta on top, contributing to a significantly improved pasta texture.


The sauce is where this pasta really shines. Making their mac and cheese from scratch requires 10 ounces of cheese, so you know it’s going to be delicious. It’s bold, creamy, and flavorful. A quick glance at the ingredients shows that it includes chipotle puree. This is going to add a slight smoky spice. It is not enough to make the dish spicy, but it lurks in the background giving it a really balanced flavor.


At a $13 price point, it’s definitely on the higher end of prepared mac and cheese. Especially when you consider that one dish contains 2.5 servings. Let’s be honest, it’s really just enough for one person. It wouldn’t be a great choice if you need to serve a house full of people, but if you need a quick dinner for one or two on a busy weeknight, Beecher’s World’s Best Frozen mac and cheese is the perfect option.


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