Beecher’s World’s Best Frozen Mac and Cheese Review

I usually err on the side of making mac and cheese fresh, but sometimes you’re feeling lazy or have too much going on and your best bet is something low effort. A quick search for frozen mac and cheese at my local grocery store gives you over 50 options. Some of them are terrible. Some of them are serviceable. But Beecher’s World’s Best is my favorite frozen mac and cheese option.

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The pasta in frozen mac and cheese tends to leave a lot to be desired. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to bake frozen mac and cheese and the first bite you take is nothing but mush. I get it, noodle texture is difficult when you’re dealing with a prepared product. But this is something Beecher’s absolutely nails. They utilize penne in their dish and it’s so good you could convince your guests you slaved over an oven for hours preparing it for them.

The sauce is where this pasta really shines. Making their mac and cheese from scratch requires 10 ounces of cheese, so you know it’s going to be delicious.

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