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Casey Corn’s March Macness is the Best Thing to Happen so far in 2021

Casey Corn’s March Macness is split into 4 divisions, Sandwiches, International, American Food, and Wild card. They all have intriguing match-ups and strong contenders for the title .


I wanted to dive into some of those battles right away starting with the Sandwich Division. The biggest matchup to watch in the first round of this division is the Tuna Melt vs. Cuban matchup. They both are staples with a rabid fanbase. I personally have the Cuban advancing but this could be a push. More interestingly is the matchup waiting for it in the Sweet Sixteen vs a true blue blood of Sandwiches, the Cheesesteak. For my money whoever takes this matchup will advance to the final four. 


One of the more interesting divisions is International. There is so much goodness here! I’ll admit in this division is where my bias showed the most. I have the Ramen vs Cacio e Pepe as a barn burner in the first round with the Ramen moving on. I’ll admit this matchup could go either way with the delicious French Onion waiting in the sweet sixteen. Ramen could be a strong dark horse contender or get bounced in the first. As it stands I have Ramen going into the elite eight. A matchup between Elote and Ramen will have Elote coming out top for a bout with Cheesesteak. 


Next up is the wildcard division. Just as the name suggests this is truly going to be a free-for-all. I personally have the BBQ advancing however it’s far from a lock. The Smokey could get the best of BBQ in the first round and Thanksgiving is a Cinderella run waiting to happen even though I have it bowing out in the 1st round. In the end, I have BBQ taking the division but this is the division I am less sure about as the field looks wide open. 


I saved the American division for last as I think it is going to be the tightest and toughest to get out of. In the first round alone there are 2 juggernaut matchups. Pub cheese vs. Apple pie is literally unfair. They are both institutions in their own right that have very different followings and I am fascinated to see what makes it through even though I have my money on pub cheese. The second terrifying matchup is Jalapeno Poppers vs. Chili. That is like getting Duke vs Kentucky in the first round of the tourney. It’s super sad that one of these will have to bow out in the first round but so is the survive and advance life of a tourney. I ended up having Potato Skins vs Chilli in the elite eight matchup of that division with Skins advancing but that is purely based on my bias. 

As a lifelong fanatic of food and sports, I cannot properly express the adequate amount of joy March Macness is giving me. Food and sports are perfect for is bringing people of all walks of life together for a shared universal moment of joy. Considering the hell 2020 (and so far 2021, ugh) has put us all through, let’s have a shared moment with March Macness, within a safe distance of course : ) At the time of publication, the tourney will be underway and I beg you to partake with your votes. 


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