Popeyes Homestyle Mac and Cheese Review

Popeyes Homestyle Mac and Cheese Review
Popeyes Homestyle Mac and Cheese

Every time a restaurant launches a new mac and cheese, FOMO gets the best of me. Often, I don’t have access to it (looking at you Qdoba). But as soon as a friend mentioned signs introducing the new Popeyes Homestyle Mac and Cheese, I had to try it. They describe their side as “Mac & Cheese made with real butter and cream and topped with shredded cheddar cheese to create a golden brown crust when baked in the oven”.

So much of Popeyes’ offering is reminiscent of something someone’s grandma would be proud to serve for Sunday dinner. It’s rich and creamy. The cheddar crust melted across the top is a beautiful enhancement. Their sauce is similar in flavor to my Simple Stovetop Mac and Cheese recipe, which earns it a vote in my book.

You know how tv shows like to show someone buying a ton of restaurant food, dishing it into their own cookware and playing it off as a testament of their hard work? This is one mac and cheese you could actually pull that off with. Your guests won’t suspect a thing.

Not all is bliss. Like many fast food offerings, their noodles leave a little to be desired. The texture is mushy and has very little to differentiate between the sauce and pasta. Just tell your guests that you were too busy with the other dishes and overcooked them.

All things considered, launching this dish was brilliant on Popeyes’ part. It’s a fabulous compliment to their chicken.