Goodles Shella Good Review

Goodles Shella Good Review

Goodles Shella Good Review

Let’s be honest. I was skeptical of Goodles when I first heard of them. boxed mac and cheese with a promise that it’s good for you just feels like it won’t taste good. The fact that they have to tell me it tastes good is concerning. I love the unicorn art but if you have to tell me you taste good, you’re probably lying. However, I have never been more wrong. Goodles Shella Good is shell pasta in aged white cheddar. If you’re looking for an Arby’s mac and cheese dupe, this one comes very close.

Like Mover & Shaker, there are two different preparation options for Shella Good. You can either make it with just milk or toss in a tablespoon of butter for a richer flavor. I opted for the second version and I absolutely do not regret it. I made this sucker myself and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have believed it came out of a box. It’s that good. It’s rich, flavorful, and ridiculously easy to prepare.

I served mine as a side for grilled chicken, and it comfortably made 4 side servings. You could stretch it to 6 servings if you had to. However, if you want it to be the main dish you’ll want to make one-half to one whole box per person.

A box of Goodles Shella Good will set you back $3 at Target. At least double what you’d find a box of Kraft for, but the upcharge is well worth it. While your standard boxed mac fare is the dinner you make when you are phoning it in, this brand is what you keep on hand when you want something a little nicer but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. When your choice is spending the money on a restaurant meal vs a few bucks and a little effort, it’s worth keeping in the running.


  • Xa

    October 22, 2022 at 4:55 pm

    Do you genuinely believe that you judged this in the correct manner? A taste test between competitors would have been the obvious correct direction, yet you didn’t choose it. That makes me wonder whether you were paid for this endorsement. I tried a box of their basic mac and cheese. The first touch to my lips created a shock in my system. Who promotes a healthy product when it has more sodium added than even Kraft, which is already excessive? It has double the sodium of Annie’s. As I continued to eat, I couldn’t help but encounter a resonating medicinal taste. That is when I stopped. I went out and bought the classic Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese and compared them. Goodles taste like medicine. You finally realize how bad it is after you taste the real thing. Shame on you for your review, and shame on Goodles for promoting an overly salted medicinal product.


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